LOST CAVE Launches in Early Access!

Today we are excited to release the first public Early Access version of LOST CAVE! While we're at it, I also want to take some time to explain why we decided to launch an Early Access version and what that means for the game going forward.

First the why: we've been working on LOST CAVE since its inception at the 2014 Global Game Jam. That has meant going dark to work on improvements to the game, then presenting new versions at conventions and other events, collecting feedback there, then going dark again to work on that feedback. That has made it difficult for us to build a sustained audience for the game, and ultimately what we want is our game out there for people to play and enjoy. Releasing the game in Early Access allows us to collect feedback and build an audience outside of the showcases and events that we take the game to, and to gauge interest on the features that are most important to our players.

Here's what that means for you and for LOST CAVE. This first version is very similar to our last showcase version; If you played the game at the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase in 2018 then this version of the game will be very familiar to you. I am happy to say that we're currently testing nineteen new levels with several new mechanics (they'll be available to try at Gamescape this weekend), and I have no doubt that some of them will make their way into the early access build very soon.

We're going to keep the game at $3 during the entirety of its time in Early Access. We'll release updates periodically, and anyone who purchases the game now will get all subsequent updates for free. I can't promise a regular schedule for these updates; All of us at Ganglyfish love LOST CAVE, but working on it has to remain a side project for us for the time being. When we've reached a point where we feel comfortable with the game, we'll release a final version, at which point the price of the game will increase.

If you decide to buy the game now, I hope you enjoy what we have so far, and I hope you'll let us know what you want to see from LOST CAVE going forward. Thank you!


Jonathan Moriarty


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